There are millions of Backstabbers in recorded history.   Normally we limit ourselves to listing the Top 10 Backstabbers nominated by all of you.  However, tough times call for tough measures and with the economy in meltdown, politics in freefall, and terrorists worldwide out to get us we often have to list more than 10. 

Below you will find our list of the Top 10 Backstabbers who are public figures nominated by our customers.  If you would like us to add a name to this list please use the Contact Us form.


1. Hank Paulson - Secretary of the  US Treasury
2. Richard Wagoner - Chairman and CEO of GM
3. Robert Nardelli - President & CEO of Chrysler (formerly CEO of Home Depot)
4. Alan Mulally - CEO Ford Motor Company
5. Rod Blagojevich - Governor of Illinois
6. Edward Liddy - CEO of AIG
7. Ron Gettelfinger - President of the United Auto Workers Union
(who is sitting on a $1B treasury and not offering any concessions)
8. Christine Gregoire - Governor of Washington State
(for allowing atheists & festivalists to stab Christmas in the back)
9. Kenneth D. Lewis - President, CEO & Chairman of Bank of America (for pulling the credit line of Republic Windows & Doors before they could pay their employees)
10. Alex Rodriguiez & Madonna
11. Bobby Brown for the publication on 12/9/2008 of "Bobby Brown: The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth"...Merry Christmas Whitney !
12. John Thain - CEO Merrill Lynch - for demanding a $10M bonus after being bailed out
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