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Not all Backstabbers are high profile and that often makes it hard to share your emotions about your Backstabber with others.  Sometimes all it takes to feel better is an opportunity to vent about your Backstabber with someone else. 

Feel free to vent to us...then if you give us permission and if your vent is "appropriate" for public viewing we will publish it here with all identifying information removed so your Backstabber can't trace it back to you. 


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Backstabber Tales
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ANDERSON, Ind. Police in Indiana say a woman set fire to her ex-boyfriend's clothing at a self-storage center and caused more than $100,000 in damage. Donna J. Duell was arrested on suspicion of arson in connection with the fire Wednesday night. She has been released from Madison County Jail after posting $20,000 bond Thursday.

Police say she first denied involvement but then admitted to setting the clothes on fire in an empty unit at Community Storage Lockers.

Duell told police the former couple were involved in a "bitter domestic dispute."

Police say the fire engulfed the building in Anderson and caused more than $100,000 in damages.

A telephone listing for Duell couldn't be located Friday.



I hate friends who as soon as u break up with a girl they move in either for their own personal gain or just to hurt you. My friend moved in and hurt me very deeply. I never thought one of my best friends would ever strike at me like this for nothing. My girlfriend I broke up and then he moved in asking for favors from her. It eventually spiraled up and ended up in sex within a month. The worst thing about it is that this guy lives with me and had sex with her in my house. I can't get him out of my house yet and I want him out so bad. I guess what goes and around comes around and it soon will.


The biggest backstabber I ever met was in charge of HR for my department in a large corporation. He wanted to get out of HR so he decided that he would find a way to take my job. He wrote false reports and put them in my personnel file but hid them from me.

Guess what? The jerk got me fired and moved into my office the next day taking over my job.

I just wish I could send him 1,000 certificates one at a time to torture him!


Hey, guys, you need to come to Washington, DC if you want to find real "backstabbers" because they are all over the place here! I know 10 of them in my office alone! There are thousands of them all over The Hill. Thousands I tell you. I am ready to go back home and get a real job after being stabbed in the back so many times the past four years.


I have to give monumental backstabber credit to my last boss in journalism. this guy was grade-A asshole material. On my interview he told me he'd run off my predecessor for the position within two weeks. He didn't think women were fit for the industry. He couldn't deny me the position, I was better qualified than he was. What he could do was encourage my coworkers to terrorize me, steal my work, change my work, and resent me in general because they thought my hiring was the prompt for a longtime employee's firing. In private "mentoring" sessions he switched between clumsy flirting (he winked more than Sarah Palin) and verbal abuse. The final straw was when I went out for surgery and was told I couldn't return to work for 6 weeks. When I told my boss he asked if I knew my surgeon's malpractice history and suggested very strongly that I was throwing his staffing schedule. Such a jerk!


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